What is Arbitrage

We’ve built a platform
to buy and sell shares.

Arbitrage is a platform for the future of funding that powering dat for the new equity blockchain

While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team is up to build a secure, useful, & easy-to-use product based on private blockchain. It will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration, and even a digital arbitration system.

At the end, Our aims to integrate all companies, employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.

Power of Blockchain

Affiliate & Referance

You can simple increase Your income and give Your friends opportunity to earn money. Your friends don't lose 20%, only You get 20%! We provide online statistics with data for all conversion in real time.

It's super simply:
1. Sign up and log in
2. Copy your own referral link
3. Give it to your friends
4. Get 20% of their Btc, Ltc or Doge

How it Work

Best Features

The Arbix Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing.


Ultra Fast & Secure Instant Private Transaction

Strongest protection against DDos attacks


Highly Scalable Limitless Applications

Availability of SSL certificate of elite class


Reliable & Low Cost Instant Private Transaction

Payments occur instantly and securely pass into your wallets.

x2 Arbitrage

Introducing the Arbitrage

Blockchain-powered marketplace which connects buyer and selling, consectetur adipiscing.

  • The platform will earn premium free time when our option of choosing to keep their digital coins.
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  • Over the years come, who nostrud exercise, the identification is stored in an encrypted work unless the school district.
  • Owners of cryptocurrency keep their digital coins in Arbitrage digital wallet. A coin-holder’s identification is stored in an encrypted address that they have control.

Arbitrage Allocation

8% Bounty
12% Presale
20% Team & Advisor
25% Reserve Fund
35% Reserve Fund

Operating Allocation

13% Admin & Ops
17% Legal & Advisory
25% Marketing & Sales
45% Business Dev & Ops

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Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of Arbix Trade, Arbitrage, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is Arbitrage?

With foreign exchange investments, the strategy known as arbitrage lets traders lock in gains by simultaneously purchasing and selling an identical security, commodity, or currency, across two different markets. This move lets traders capitalize on the differing prices for the same said asset across the two disparate regions represented on either side of the trade.

For this, you can execute your transactions as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Yes, you don't have to invest to get paid.

You can trade at least 0.001 BTC, 0.1 LTC, 1000 DOGE.

You can request withdraw at least 0.0005 BTC, 0.1 LTC, 1000 DOGE.

How can I trade?

You can make a simple transaction from the Trade page by loading your balance from the Deposit section. When the transaction expires, your balance will be added.

Due to security measures, Arbix Trade can only deactivate 2FA codes once approved following a discussion between yourself and a member of the Arbix customer support team. If you require this service, simply submit a ticket using the web contact form using the appropriate topic for a faster response. We will contact you using your Arbix Trade account linked email to let you know when your account has been successfully unlocked and is ready for use once more.

You can get your balance 24/7 at any time.

Can you explain how the affiliate program works?

The Arbix Trade affiliate program could not be easier to use or more profitable. It all begins with an affiliate code that is unique to your account. Whenever a user registers and inputs your referral code, they receive 20% discount on whatever purchase they make. And you enjoy a significant hash power boost. The more referrals you make, the higher your affiliate rank rises. And the higher your affiliate rank, the bigger hashpower boost you enjoy. It’s as simple and as profitable as that. We will be sure to remind you via your linked email whenever your referral code is used.

There is no limit to the creativity you can call on when sharing your affiliate code. Feature it on your favured social media channels, give it out at university, call up old friends and use it as a talking point to get back in touch..

When you participate in Arbix affiliate program, you have access to affiliate URLs and affiliate promotional codes. URLs are specific to your account and used by your referrals to gain you referance boosts. Promo codes, however, are used separately for any platform offers and can be entered by new and existing accounts. An affiliate URL and promotional code can be used in conjunction with the code taking precedent. If both are used by a new account, only the code’s supplier will be factored in.


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